Tuesday, December 21, 2010


here are the sample designs ...







hard cover front



for the non-hard cover- 5 USD
hard cover- 8 USD

these are new, unlike my blog sale they are slightly more expensive. 
i got them from fresh korean stationaries shop near my apartment. ^^
shipping fee will be included. 
if you are interested to buy please contact me at: daywithlight@gmail.com 

i wont be selling same things for twice, so please hurry! *since i will be opening up an online shop i wanted to change products that i sell on this blog every month so that i know which ones i should sell on the site later ^^*

ORDER will be starting from december 26th-january 26

thanks guys.

blog sale!

hi guys i am doing a giveaway blog sale ...

and if you guys follow me on youtube, you probably know why i am doing this giveaway.

for tony moly florida skin emulsion and essence they dont really suit my skin, i am sure many of girls who are having trouble with dry skin are suitable for this skin because they are really really moisturising. 

i think because i have oily skin it does make it a problem, but anyways i hope you guys enjoy this giveaway.
and yes this opens internationally.

dont worry whther i have used them alot or not, cos i have only used 3 pumps, small pumps of drops. so they are still full. ^^
but only to people who have paypal. other kinds of payment will not be accepted.

Skin emulsion 130 ml, 4.57 FL.OZ

youth energy capsule essence 50 ml

for the skin essence it give you a very fresh feeling but at the same time very delicate and soft feeling in the morning. when you apply it on your face the essence drop will quickly change into water-ish essence.  very good for autumn and winter. and great for dry skin. you will not feel very dry or your skin gets really uncomfortable, you will feel very moisturised. 

okay now right on to the BB cream!

this is peri pera "i love bb cream" SPF 50+ PA +++ High coverage 

I have use it once only and it was during the summer when i just came from Indonesia and i look quite tanned back then. so i bought one skin tone darker than normal bb cream, if you have problems with a normal bb cream because they are too light this is the bb cream that i would recommend using. very high coverage and LAST long! i wore this when i went to the lotte world theme park and it did not smudge or wear off .
the reason why i am giving this away cos my skin has gone fairier than last summer. and i could not wear them during winter if you guys are living somewhere where they have great warm weather this is great for you. ^^

notive the difference? the right side is the one with bb cream i havent blend them well nicely..this is just a close up look with lights at night

now look! they are perfectly blended ! <3

the price:

peripera "i love bb cream"      USD 6

tony moly florida moisture skin emulsion USD 12

tony moly youth enery skin essence       USD 8

this excluding the shipping fee, please comment below if you are interested.

thank you happy shoppin! <3